Thursday, November 20, 2014

BYU Student Films

Alright. So, it was pretty difficult for me to find anything I though of initially, so I'll mention a couple, and post a couple of ads that I think are great, by BYU students.

First, "Without a Rope" I think is a great capstone film. I was on the casting crew for the film, and it was really exciting to read the script, see different people come in, see how the filming while climbing/hanging would work, and have the final product look amazing.

Secondly, both me and my husband really loved "Ghost on the Mountain", which was shown at this year's Final Cut. Most BYU films seem to be fiction, or very filmmaker-narrative, so I thought that having something so different, and that was okay not rushing at all, was really intriguing.

Also from this past year (I didn't go to the previous Final Cut, and the one before I can't recall), I thought both "The Wilhelm Scream", and "Brita Spec Ad" were tremendous. Very clever, both of them.

Here those are!



Much funny!

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