Thursday, December 4, 2014

My Top Ten

Webseries: New Prime - Olan Rogers

Game: Halo

Podcast: Design Cinema –Feng Zhu

Short Film: Kung Fury

Website: Youtube

Music Video: Bed Intruder Song

Commercial: Kraft Singles – Balloonshop

Animation: The Old Man and the Sea

After Effects: 'Oz the Great and Powerful' Opening Sequence

Video Essay: The Comeback Kid - Olan Rogers

Lindsay's Top 10

 Other than the first, no order:

2. Minecraft
3. Pinterest
4. Dog Vs. Cat Girlfriend

All the channels I said, before, that I liked--I'd just like to nominate the entire channels (Toby, Ryan, Carrie). I'm posting, here, videos we've not seen in class, just to not keep posting the same stuff.

Nate's Top Ten

Just for (LOTS of) Fun

Brandon C's New Media Top 10

1. Legend of Zelda.
2. Kia Hamster "Applause"
3. Zombies, Run! App
4. TED Talks
5. "Thought of You"
6. Tic-tac Micha
7. and app
9. Honest Trailers
10. Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long blog

Brandon's Top 10 New Media Creations of ALL TIME

Required Viewing, Playing, Experiencing (in no particular order):

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Potter's Meal

My favorite BYU student film was made in the early 1990s, and was shown in a TMA forum within the past year.  It's called "The Potter's Meal".  I found it in three parts on YouTube.

Obsessed (not class related, but watch it when you can)

This is just stuck in my head because it's so perfect.  Not really anything to do with the class at all.

Renee's Reception

Renee's Reception (2000) by Chris Bowman

BYU Student Films

Alright. So, it was pretty difficult for me to find anything I though of initially, so I'll mention a couple, and post a couple of ads that I think are great, by BYU students.

First, "Without a Rope" I think is a great capstone film. I was on the casting crew for the film, and it was really exciting to read the script, see different people come in, see how the filming while climbing/hanging would work, and have the final product look amazing.

Secondly, both me and my husband really loved "Ghost on the Mountain", which was shown at this year's Final Cut. Most BYU films seem to be fiction, or very filmmaker-narrative, so I thought that having something so different, and that was okay not rushing at all, was really intriguing.

Also from this past year (I didn't go to the previous Final Cut, and the one before I can't recall), I thought both "The Wilhelm Scream", and "Brita Spec Ad" were tremendous. Very clever, both of them.

Here those are!



Much funny!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Oh, YouTube!

I have to pick favourites? Here are some staples, in the right order:

Ryan Higa (duh):

Toby Turner (duh):

Charlie McDonnell (duh):

Chester See:

Carrie Fletcher (the only girl I subscribe to):

Dan Howell:

Harry Potter Puppet Pals (naturally):

Simon's Cat (so good):


Sorted Food:
I really like this channel

I really like this channel too

Media Essays

Feminist Frequency:

Every Frame a Painting:


What is neorealism? from kogonada on Vimeo.

Filmography 2013:

PBS Idea Channel

La Blogotheque

Jack White:



Channel #1: Lindsey Stirling
My first exposures:

She also does a lot of cool collaborations
Here are some of my favorites:

She also has quite a few originals, which tend to be more artsy, like this one:

But also fun:


Channel #2: Indy Mogul 
Sadly they aren't posting any more because they need to focus on their real careers, but they keep the videos online for peeps like me!

After each tutorial, they'd do a "test film", like these: