Thursday, September 18, 2014

Learning can be fun!

...As long as it's done right.

This video goes through 10 of the more popular educational games of the past. Although there are newer games out, this video really captures why some games work and others don't. I would be hard pressed to believe that no one in the class will remember at least a few of the games mentioned. I myself played at least four of the ten games listed and at least had heard of two others when I was younger. A majority of them were actually legitimately enjoyed as a kid, and I know loads of people who still love the memories of some of them, especially Oregon Trail. Games just need to be games that require whatever is desired to learn as the means to win. The guy mentions a Zombie typing game at one point that I know as a kid would have been an awesome way to learn to type. We had some somewhat fun typing games, but that is something a lot of kids might actually get addicted to. The key is, just like education films, etc, the main theme can't be learning, simply require learning for an awesome game.

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